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Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy

It is important to us that therapy supports the meaningful everyday life of the child and family. We create goals together with the child, family, and local network. During the therapy, child’s family receive guidance from us to support the child’s rehabilitation.

Our special expertises are the autism spectrum, developmental disabilities, various developmental delays, neurology, and therapy for children and adolescents.

We have a gym suitable for severely disabled children, young people and adults, a climbing wall, a kitchen, and a versatile individual therapy room. Accessible spaces enable a meaningful operational environment for therapy.

During the rehabilitation, it is possible to get to know the hobby groups organized by our association, where the child or young person can find a hobby after the end of the therapy.

Playfulness, joy and consideration of the child’s and young person’s strengths in therapy are the number one thing for us!


  • You can come to us for rehabilitation with a referral from Kela, HUS or an insurance company or with a service voucher from the City of Helsinki.
  • We provide rehabilitation services also for adults, especially for those who benefit from our expertise.
  • We accept self-paying customers. Check this link for prices.